Why you should join the Fight My Monster team

by dylan on November 8, 2011

Fight My Monster has been one of the most entertaining and educational (in the ‘I’ve actually learned something new’ sense) companies I’ve ever been involved with (I’m Executive Chairman). I’m delighted to announce that we’re hiring. You should join us. Here’s why:

1. The under-twelve market is going to destroy the Internet
And then reinvent it all over again. This demographic is not on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and generally only use email from about 11yrs (ish). They’re the first generation to grow up with access to the Internet from the day they could touch a screen. Their standards for UI, entertainment experiences and service are utterly different to those that shaped our current online giants. What we’re learning and seeing as the Fight My Monster 7-12 boys community gets larger and larger is going to shape the Internet for the next ten years.

2. We’re serious about our technology
Dominic (founder and CEO) is a well-known contributor in the scalable computing space, and created the Pelops client library for Cassandra (the open-source highly scalable NoSQL database used in Twitter, Netflix and increasing parts off the Internet), the Cages distributed locking system, and other “scale7″ components including a clustered game server that will be released as open source soon. Beneath our brand and community lurks a super-scalable modern architecture which is part of our growing success.

3. Fight My Monster is not just a game
Fight My Monster started out as a game. But our players are using it more and more as a super-safe social network. Just look at all the YouTube videos they’re creating and sharing about their tournaments and battles.

4. We’re growing. Fast.
Six months ago, there were a few hundred thousand monster battles per month. Last month we saw almost 1.5M.

5. We’re a challenge
Being successful in the kids space is a serious challenge. Just listen to some of the excellent talks that Michael Acton-Smith (founder of Moshi Monsters, our female equivalent) has given. You can’t simply use social game design. You can’t use performance marketing. If you think you’re good and want to be challenged, come and join us.

We’re looking for Java developers, a Community Director or if you think you can bring something special that isn’t either of those, get in touch and tell us why.

  • Emmet

    i want a job!

  • Anonymous

    @emmet Less down in the mouth than your current place :P

  • Guest

    if i join can you give me infinity nuggets so i can get better 

  • phillec

    how can you be involved in a game that doesn’t stop cheating and has no clue of whats even happening on the game dom will never shut the cheats down like he promised when my 6 year old tells me there no point there isn’t any dom lets cheat carry on and has no clue of the game 2.1 investment sad person who invested the game can never get better while doms in charge as just look at widlepord xxjokerxx there all the same accounts and 20 other accounts dom was going to sort fights from same ip what a shock nothing done don’t let your children play this game theres more hope winning the pools

  • anna

    Can you work on creating an app for Fight My Monster.

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