Content versus technology investment levels in the kids space

I had an investor call me up recently (I’m completely blanking on who it was but hi if you’re reading) lamenting that her thesis about the Kidtech and Safetytech spaces were being spoiled by a lack of investable opportunities. This kicked me into solving a data blindspot I’ve had for years: how much investment is actually going into the broad Kidtech space relative to the much more established kids content (streaming and linear) sector?

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Rise of the operators (Part 2: the investors)

While it warms the cockles of my heart to see VC investors talking about selling companies, assessing them on the basis of their last 3-5yrs investing is currently near impossible. But the flip-side of this crash is that by the end of ~2025 we’ll have some useful datapoints on who the best new tech investors are (and which of the previous generation are more good than lucky). 

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